About me

I’m a web developer based in NY, with a rich experience in website & brand design. II’m also an expert in project and business management.

I design eye catching sites and brand assets that will convert your prospects... into customers, and...
your customers into fanatics!

I want to tell you the story about how I broke into tech.

As a teenager, I grew up on the lower end of the middle class and my access to the latest technology was limited to experiences in high school until I got my first job. Even then, I adapted to my circumstances and pursued my passion for tech however I could. In my sophomore year of high school, I applied for a business and technology internship program offered at my high school. Consequently, I was assigned to the local business class instructor with a close friend. I was ecstatic as the school had delegated oversight of their web page to his internship students and the only two people working on the project were seniors who were ready to pass the torch. I had my first taste of HTML and web page building in 2004 and I was hooked. I worked on the school’s website throughout my sophomore, junior, and senior years.

I graduated in 2006 and went straight into my pursuit of a Computer Science degree at the local community college. I loved it and there was a new business in town, a call center, that offered technical positions troubleshooting cellular devices for a major provider. I applied and was hired quickly and shortly thereafter was selected to attend leadership and management training. This would move me to full-time status and interrupt my studies but provide me access to much more technology and, as I would come to learn, many more opportunities in the business world.

When COVID hit and I was laid off from my latest employer, I saw the opportunity come back around for me to spring into tech and finish my degree. Though I had to restart the program due to the drastic change in technologies over the time-lapse, I was not disheartened. I know I have the life experience necessary to be an asset to any customer.

I am open to working with any contractor or artist interested in reaching a broader range of prospects and selling their services online.


I am a seasoned project manager from the Contact Center industry that broke into tech in Summer 2020 by learning to code as a frontend developer. Currently seeking serious clients hoping to grow their business through conversion-based website designs and Google optimization (SEO) that will get their site in front of qualified prospects searching for their services. I have years of Project Coordination, Device Troubleshooting, Sales, and Management experience in both the foodservice industry and BPO industry (multiple contact centers).

Web Design & Development
2+ years
Management Experience
10+ years
Project Management
4+ years
Google Optimization
1 year with extensive network of professionals
1 year with extensive network of professionals



EJB Dev & Design, LLC

Owner, Development & Design Lead

- Brought vast management experience into the fold with creation of this new business venture.
- Crafting quality websites part-time since mid-2020.
- Managing site launch activities for multiple clients while crafting a respectable portfolio of example sites for various industries.



Large Parcel Support

- Responsible for logistical coordination and delivery support for Wayfair's vast network of customers.
- Liaison between warehouse, driver, and customer.


TTEC (2017-2018)

Sitel (2008-2017)

Senior Project Manager

- Directly responsible for global project lifecycle focused on new client implementation or existing client growth.
- Oversaw & coordinated curriculum production efforts in 3 key projects during tenure.
- Managed global, cross-functional teams including Account, Operations, IT Infrastructure, Finance, Strategy, et. al to define and execute on project scope.
- Single point of contact for project documentation tracking and communication across both internal and external stakeholders.
- Regularly produced project status decks & visuals for various levels of the organization.
- Held responsibility for risk assessment and mitigation throughout the project lifecycle while managing client timeline requirements.
- Consistently managed an average of 4-6 concurrent projects that varied in scope & scale ranging from high priority technical migrations to large scale hiring/training initiatives.